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New Haven Falls

Information Page

Wipe cycle

The current wipe cycle

Currently the wipe cycle is setup as a monthly wipe. This may change however depending on what the community wants the wipe cycle to be. Since New Haven Falls is newer nothing is set in stone quite yet… So expect the first Thursday of the month to be the wipe!


How to activate a rank purchased from the store

To activate a rank purchased from the store simply reconnect to the server. At that point your rank will be set. You then can use /kit, /sil, etc depending on what the rank grants you. If you are still unable to get your rank after reconnecting please contact us on the discord or through email at newhavenfalls@gmail.com

Dual ranking information

It is possible to purchase multiple packages from the store and then use those features. For example purchasing the role player kit and supporter kit would then grant you access to both kits offered by those packages, also giving you access to the supporter commands.

Becoming an admin

Currently New Haven Falls is new and by new, I mean, brand spanking new. That being said the player base is not at a point where administrators are needed. However, we are always open to the idea and at the right time would definitely grant someone an administrative rank when needed.

Rank History


Created for new players joining on first wipe (limited)

Update 1 10/3/19

Added tag before players name with a tilde

Adjusted kit items


Created on server launch

Update 1 10/1/19

Added tag before players name with a heart

Updated kit to give a few more resources

Role Player

Created on server launch

Update 1 10/1/19

Updated kit to give a few more blueprints



Skinbox is currently only setup for the supporters group. It allows you to put skins on certain items.

Commands: /skinbox

Sign Artist

Sign Artist is used for custom pictures on paintings.

Commands: /sil


Kits are currently only setup for people who have supported the server by donating.

Commands: /kit kitname


Used for people to team up, players can also make alliances with other clans.
Commands: /clan

Private Messages

Allows you to private message players.
Commands: /pm playername message


Allows you to teleport to other players. You may also set homes.
Commands: /tpr playername /sethome

Gathering Manager

Currently gather rates are set at 2x for all dispensers in the game.

Crafting Speed Modifier

Currently crafting speeds are set at 50% or half the normal crafting time.

Demolish Speed Modifier

Sets the server wide demolish time after placing an item whilst having TC access to the building area 30 minutes.